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Analytics Frameworks

Marketing Strategy Models

Social Media and Ecommerce Models

Sales and Distribution Strategy Models

Marketing Communication Measurement Models

Are we looking for powerful techniques for the First Level competition, second level Competition or the third level competition! If we are looking to compete, the level we will choose, will make you succeed with marketing secants.

To choose the level, we need to understand our organizational marketing strategy ! Or are we looking for invaluable tools and methods for the short term benefits, or we are looking for the in-depth insights to build the innovative strategy  to deliver the results?

Where we will stand in the market, we need to understand and communicate to all the departments. Marketing secants will phenomenal to communicate the marketing measurements within the organization.
Marketing Models from marketing secants will help us to deliver the results!


For the Internet Industry in Social Media and Ecommerce, we are experiencing electrifying and stable growth. This multiplies the growth of both internet users and companies which, to an ever-increasing extent-use the Internet as a form of communication (both internal and external) promotional sales etc.

Advertising expenses are regularly increasing to more than 25% of the total expenditure. As the fruit of this development, there is the need for standardization and organization of the world of the internet.

Furthermore, we know that booming companies are looking to improve the effectiveness of the action. As a result, these companies are searching for outstanding indices which would help the CMO'S and owners in making of more precise and effective decisions. Improved scope of decisions, the online operations are growing!


Sales and Distribution is the high voltage department of  any organization! They are the forbearers of Profit and Loss for any organization.

The indices for Sales must be innovative  as most of the market researcher does not provide. If we have good sales, we can manage high efficiency in the distribution. Marketing Mix optimization metrics, Sales efficiency indices, Distribution efficiency indices are discovered as the critical ones. 


We break through  it independently, both in descriptive and exemplifying terms. The metrics can be incredibly used  as per the merchandise type, category etc.


Sales and Distribution is a dynamic phenomenon and these metrics can be used for not only FMCG or ready to serve goods, but can be used for product and services etc.

Promotional Activities are an invaluable proportion of the marketing budget. Advertising, especially internet advertising, is one of the most innovative forms of marketing.


New channels of communications are overwhelming to the customer all the times-like the Internet, digital television, mobile telephony, accompanied by new  forms such as ambient media. It is discovered that advertising benefits from both knowledge and art.

The pioneer indices of measurement of communication are not only used by advertising agencies, but are the high voltage indices by the marketing departments of many organizations. These indices  will do the trick for legendary sales.

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